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8 Dangers of Human Growth Hormone!

human growth hormone

There are many websites, anti aging clinics, nutritional supplement companies and high profile individuals like Sylvester Stallone who dismiss the dangers of human growth hormone injections.  Instead they paint a tempting picture of how it can increase the quality of your life by:

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  To be forever young, vibrant, athletic and virile!  How much would you pay to get results like this?  Would you spend a couple hundred dollars to a grand or more?  Well that’s exactly what some people do. 

They reject the real and substantial dangers of human growth hormone injections for these promises.  This article will help you separate fact from friction.  It will help you realize that there are natural ways to allow your body to maximize its ability to produce and regulate this important hormone without the dangerous side effects of synthetic human growth hormone.  Let’s start out by answering a few basic questions.

What is Human Growth Hormone?
Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone secreted by the anterior lobe of your pituitary gland.  This hormone is sometimes called somatotropin.  The release of this hormone is controlled by your hypothalamus which is centrally located in your brain just above your brain stem.  This almond sized portion of your brain links the nervous system to your endocrine system via the pituitary gland.  It plays a major role in your overall metabolism as well as your lean muscle to body fat ratio.

Human growth hormone will also stimulate cells in the liver to secrete polypeptide molecules known as somatomedins.  The most studied is insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).  Together HGH and IGF-1 influence every system in your body such as:

The release of human growth hormone declines with age.  It is estimated that after the age category of 18 – 25 the magnitude of the HGH pulse from the pituitary gland declines by 50% every seven years.  As human growth hormone declines so does the levels of IGF-1.  This results in a number of undesirable symptoms that are generally associated with the aging process.  Symptoms like fat accumulation around the midsection, loss of muscle mass and cognitive function, decreased strength and endurance, increased bone frailty and disruption in sleeping patterns.

How HGH Became the Elixir for Vibrant Life! 
Before we talk about the dangers of human growth hormone when artificially brought into the body we need to understand how it became the designer injection for curing the aging process.  To do that we need to go back to 1990 when The New England Journal of Medicine published a landmark study by Rudman and his colleagues entitled “Effects of human growth hormone in men over 60 years old.”  This study involved 21 men aged 61 to 81.  Although apparently healthy they had low levels of IGF-1.  Twelve of the men were given growth hormone injections three times a week for six months.  They were than compared to 9 men who received no treatment.

Those receiving the HGH treatments experienced a decrease in fat tissue, an increase in lean body tissue or muscle mass, and an improvement in lumbar spine density.  The general media picked up on these positive findings but ignored the editorial warnings that were also part of this study.  Those warnings talked about the side effects experienced by some of the subjects, the unknown long-term effects of administering HGH to healthy adults, the expensive costs associated with HGH injections, and the question of whether there really was any substantial improvement in the quality of life versus someone who was committed to an age appropriate exercise program.

Like so much of modern medical advertising, people are sold the idea that a pill or injection can cure their ills and discomforts.  Out of this a billion dollar industry was spawned.  “Anti-aging specialists” with newly invented tests to determine your “biological age” populated the landscape.  They prescribed expensive hormone shots coupled with designer dietary supplements to help you slow down and/or reverse the aging process.  In reality, what most of these “anti-aging specialists” did was reverse the size of peoples’ bank account.

Because of the consistent misuse of the Rudman article from 1990, The New England Journal of Medicine took an unprecedented step to correct the record by issuing the following statement:

“If people are induced to buy a ‘human growth hormone releaser’ on the basis of research published in the Journal, they are being misled.  In order to warn those who visit our Web site for this reason, this Perspective article and Dr. Vance’s commentaries will from now on appear with the article by Rudman et al. each time it is downloaded.”

Dangers of Human Growth Hormone!
To be completely transparent, there is a need for human growth hormone injections for a specific population group.  HGH has been shown to be useful in the treatment of children and adults who have significant growth hormone deficiencies.  However, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists strongly warns against the use of growth hormone injections for those with overweight/obesity issues or as an anti-aging treatment.

Robert N. Butler, M.D., the noted gerontologist has also weighed in on this matter.  According to Dr. Butler, “Although hormone-replacement trials have yielded some positive results (at least in the short term), it is clear that negative side effects can also occur in the form of increased risk for cancer, cardiovascular disease, and behavior changes.” 

One of the main dangers of human growth hormone injections is the unregulated effect it can have on the overproduction of IGF-1 concentrations.  This can lead to some very serious side effects like:

For these reasons, human growth hormone injections should always be done prudently and with a qualified medical practitioner who has clinical experience in managing this type of hormonal deficiency.    

Natural Strategies for Optimizing Human Growth Hormone
The dangers of human growth hormone injections are real and substantial.  Most of these dangers center on the body’s inability to control the effects of HGH injections through a series of hormonal checks and balances.  Fortunately, there are natural strategies that can safely improve your body’s ability to produce HGH without the side effects.  They are:

  1. Adequate Sleep The highest concentration of HGH activity occurs during deep sleep.  There are numerous studies that have clearly shown that inadequate sleep and irregular sleeping patterns can substantially reduce the about of human growth hormone secretion.  According to Dr. Richard Auchus, a professor of endocrinology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas:
  2. “Growth hormone and testosterone production peak during sleep.  You can actually get people to test pathologically low for growth hormone by waking them repeatedly during the night.  I always tell people that if you want to maximize your growth hormone, get a good night’s sleep.”
  1. Avoid high glycemic foods Insulin is a direct inhibitor of HGH secretion. High glycemic foods can play havoc with your insulin levels causing them to spike or surge above normal, healthy levels.  Not only does this increase your risk for developing type II diabetes but it can also have a powerful affect on reducing human growth hormone secretion.
  2. Trim your abdominal fat – If you’re carrying excess fat around the mid-section then you will impaired your body’s ability to produce HGH. Typically, a person with excess stomach or abdominal fat is also suffering from both insulin and leptin resistance. By working to restore your body’s leptin sensitivity you can accomplish three positive health benefits: reduced body fat, improved blood sugar control, and improve human growth hormone and IGF-1 production.
  3. Exercise – The type, duration, and level of intensity of your exercise program will have varying effects on HGH secretion. There are multiple studies that show how an exercise intensity that pushes your body to a lactate threshold can trigger an excised-induced HGH release for at least 24 hours. Most athletes create this lactic acid formation to stimulate HGH release by using high intensity, short duration exercises.  However, several studies have shown that properly administered circuit training programs that utilize relatively light resistances can be just as effective in stimulating the production of human growth hormone.
  4. Late night snack – Your last snack before bedtime can have an impact on your fat stores or your HGH production but not both. High carbohydrate snacks before bedtime will only feed your fat cells. They do nothing to stimulate the production of human growth hormone. However, a high-protein, low-carbohydrate snack about an hour before bedtime can serve a dual purpose. Because it’s low carbohydrate it minimizes insulin release. (Remember insulin is counterproductive to HGH secretion.) Because it’s high in essential amino acids it aids your body’s natural ability to produce human growth hormone. Just keep your snack under 200 calories and at least an hour before bedtime.
  5. L-arginine This essential amino acid, when properly brought into your system, can increase the release of HGH. However, the combination of L-arginine intake with exercise, especially resistance training or interval training exercises, can produce even greater increases in human growth hormone.
  6. Glutamine – Your body’s most abundant amino acid is glutamine. Studies have shown that consuming even a modest amount of glutamine (2000 mg) can increase HGH levels.
  7. Glycine – This essential amino acid also has the potential to benefit human growth hormone production. Research has shown that glycine plays a critical role in initiating normal patterns of REM sleep. In a 2007 study published in Sleep and Biological Rhythms, researchers showed that glycine administered orally just prior to bedtime significantly improved the quality of sleep for the test subject. The test subjects were chronic insomniacs. In addition to helping improve their sleep patterns, one of the side benefits was an improvement in the HGH production. This would make sense since proper sleep is a critical factor in the body’s ability to properly regulate its circadian release of human growth hormone.

Proper levels of human growth hormone are important for good health and wellness. The question is whether you choose to take steps to improve your human growth hormone levels naturally or synthetically.

The dangers of human growth hormone injections are real. These dangers become even greater when you choose methods that are administered by unqualified individuals. To counter the dangers of human growth hormone injections I’ve given you eight safe and natural methods. Methods that will help your body optimize its ability to proper manufacture HGH.

In our quest to stay young and healthy we are often tempted to circumvent the natural checks and balance our body has to help us maintain good health. This is especially true when dealing with hormonal issues. Thankfully there are several methods that you can use to safely and naturally utilize your body’s internal mechanisms to help you maximize your body’s ability to produce human growth hormone. Mechanisms that will help you avoid the dangers of human growth hormone injections and still slow down the aging process.

Until next time, may we both age youthfully!

Synergistically yours,

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