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Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction?!


I have chosen to use a question mark and an exclamation mark in the article’s title, dealing with erectile dysfunction, for a reason.  For some men who have recently experienced problems in the bedroom, they’re not sure if they have erectile dysfunction or not.  For them it’s a question mark that needs more time to determine its final outcome.

For other men they know that their erectile dysfunction is real and they are alarmed.  They’re seeking answers to their problem and searching the internet for help.  For them the exclamation is a sign of worry and concern. 

Finally, there are men who have never had this problem or have found solutions that have corrected their problem and are no longer dealing with erectile dysfunction.  For them the exclamation is a sign of relief.

If you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction or think that you might have a potential problem in this area, then one of the most important tools to help you is good, concise knowledge.  Knowledge that can help you:

This section is designed to help provide you with the knowledge and potential solutions so that the question mark can become an exclamation mark based upon positive results.

The Facts about Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction!
Many men feel embarrassment so they typically try to hide the problem.  They try to hide it from their partner.  They try to hide it from their doctor.  So the first thing you need to know is that dealing with erectile dysfunction is a common problem for men especially after the age of 40.  Plus, the potential for this problem continues to increase as you get older. 

Maybe not what you wanted to hear but it is truth.

The other part of the truth equation is that it doesn’t have to be this way.  The health of your penis is tied to the health of your body.  Many may see this as a simplistic answer but it is true for most men.  It’s estimated that 70 percent of all erectile dysfunction is caused by a medical condition.  Usually that medical condition centers on the health of your cardiovascular system.  More specifically it centers on the endothelial cells that line all of your cardiovascular system and their ability to properly produce nitric oxide. 

Most researchers in this area believe that nitric oxide “can correct up to 90% of all penile dysfunction.”  Dr. Arthur Burnett, a Johns Hopkins urologist and leading nitric oxide researcher will clearly tell you that nitric oxide is the chemical messenger that produces erections and that without it there could be no natural erections.

This is also echoed by the 1998 Nobel Laureate in Medicine Dr. Louis Ignarro who, with 2 other American researchers, discovered how the endothelial cells produce nitric oxide to dilate blood vessels.  In Dr. Ignarro’s book NO More Heart Disease he makes the following two statements:

“By 1990, our experiments indicated that NO is also the chemical messenger responsible for penile erections.  Nerves in the erectile tissues release NO, dilating the blood vessels and initiating erections.” – page 11

“For many years, men with erectile dysfunction were told that they suffered from a psychological dysfunction.  Most physicians claimed ‘It’s in your head,’ since they felt impotence stemmed from performance anxiety or sexual disinterest. . . . My own research has shown that the erectile tissues of men with severe erectile dysfunction produce much less nitric oxide than men without this problem.  Unless there is a way to increase their NO levels, erections simply are not going to be possible.” – pages 191 & 192

If you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction then you need to understand how to determine the root cause of your problem because erectile dysfunction is a symptom of an underlining health issue.  Products like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra may help you with the symptom but they usually do not help you with the underlining cause of erectile dysfunction. 

To help you better understand this area I’ve prepared the following articles:

Fixing Erectile Dysfunction! – Fixing erectile dysfunction naturally centers on enhancing the endothelial cells’ ability to produce nitric oxide properly.  This article will help you understand how male physiology, chemistry and the nervous system all work together to create an erection.

Curing Erectile Dysfunction Naturally with L-arginine and Nitric Oxide! – One of the best methods for curing erectile dysfunction is to properly use L-arginine and L-citrulline for the production of nitric oxide and the repair of your endothelial cells.

Help with Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes! – Because the underlining cause of most ED problems centers on the health of the cardiovascular system, male diabetics typically have higher levels of erectile dysfunction.  Learning how to combat the oxidative stress sugar causes to the endothelial cells of the cardiovascular system is key for help with erectile dysfunction and diabetes.

Do Herbal Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction Work? – There are many natural herbal alternatives offered to help with erectile dysfunction.  This article will examine their ability to properly address the two most critical components in dealing with erectile dysfunction which is blood flow and nitric oxide production.

Men, I hope you find these articles helpful in dealing with erectile dysfunction.  They are written with the goal of removing the worry and concern about this issue so that you can find a real solution to your underlining problem.  No more questions marks, just an exclamation mark based upon positive results.

Until next time, may we both age youthfully!

Synergistically yours,

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