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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions!

The FAQ section of our website tries to answer the most common questions we receive regarding our Affiliate Program.  The questions and answers do not necessarily apply to the home based business opportunity that some might choose instead of the affiliate program.  If you have other questions not contained in this section or if you need additional clarification, then please click here to email Dan which has “FAQ” in the subject line.
Q – How long am I committed to this program?
A – For as long as you choose to remain a part of the program.  There are no contracts to sign.  We are on an honor system based on honestly and integrity.  If you feel that we are not meeting the needs of your clients, then you can discontinue the program at any time.

Q – Who can participate?
A – Anyone who has a valid website, located in the continental United States, and wants to help educate people on practical and effective ways to improve their health can potentially be a part of our Affiliate Program.  We reserve the right to evaluate and admit each website to this program.  We will not allow websites that promote pornographic and questionable practices.  We are looking for websites that want to build the American community in a positive and productive way.

If you are outside of the continental United States or are inside the United States but would like a different business model, we offer a home based business centered on ProArgi-9 Plus.

Q – Is there a cost to this program?
A – There is no financial cost to join our Affiliate Program.  We take care of all the shipping, handling, ordering and accounting for this product.  However, this program will require some time and effort on your part to place promotional material on your website.  The more you promote ProArgi-9 Plus, the greater your potential to earn Affiliate Commissions. 

If you choose to join the home based business opportunity for ProArgi-9 Plus, then there would be some financial costs in getting started with this method.

Q – When do I get paid if I choose Option 2 of the Affiliate Program?
A – On the 10th of the following month we will either send you a check or transfer your funds to your PayPal account.  Unlike many operations that require you to have a minimum of $100 in sales before they will transfer your money, we will transfer or send you whatever your credited sales amount is for the previous month.

Q – Why don’t you use ClickBank for other third-party providers?
A – We chose to self-administer this program so that the fees charged by third-party providers could go into your pocket not theirs.

Q – What happens if there is a dispute about sales and customers?
A – We will actively work to resolve the dispute in a fair and equitable manner.  We live in the internet world and our reputation for honestly and fairness is critically important to us and our affiliates.

Q – Do I have to report my earnings?
A – That’s your call.  The Federal Government requires that all nonemployees who are paid a total of $600 or more during a calendar year must receive Form 1099-Miscellaneous as well as file a duplicate copy with the Federal Government.  We will follow this practice. 

However, we do not want to create unnecessary paperwork for both you and us.  In the Forms section of this website there are only two forms.  Form 1 is general information.  All participants of this Affiliate Program must complete this form.

Form 2 is the information needed for reporting 1099 income to the Federal Government.  We do not require that you fill out this form when you first join our program.  At the time your Affiliate Commissions reach $500 we will notify you that this 1099 Form will need to be completed.  We will hold all additional income that you generate until this form is completed and returned to us.  When we receive the completed form, with all the required information needed for tax filing, we will then either release any money not paid to you and/or continue sending you your Affiliate Commissions as you earn them.

At the end of the calendar year we will send you and the Federal Government a 1099 Form- Miscellaneous that documents your total Affiliate Commissions for that calendar year.

Q – Is there a customer service number that I can contact if I have a question or concern?
A – Yes, when you are accepted into the Affiliate Program you will be given a phone number that will provide you with a direct line to Dan Hammer.  If you need to contact Dan prior to your acceptance, then please email him at the following email address:

Click here to email Dan which has “Affiliate Program” in the subject line.

Q – Will I receive help in promoting this product?
A – Please see the section Promotional Tools & Helps!  This section will provide you with promotional ideas.  It can be as simple as using a small ad space on your website and/or a text link at the bottom of all your email correspondences.  You can also use our ongoing informational marketing program that will continually provide your clients with new and fresh information while promoting the need for ProArgi-9 Plus.

Q – Are you open for suggestions?
A – Absolutely!  We want our Affiliate Program to be organic and grow.  If you have ideas and suggestions, then please contact Dan directly.  Those that make good marketing sense will be added to the promotional page of this website so that others can benefit from our collective ideas. 

Q – What’s your motivation and goal for offering this program?
A – Our motivation is to help people in American enjoy a greater level of health and wellness.  We believe that most diseases are preventable.  This program is designed to help educate people.  We also believe ProArgi-9 Plus can be a valuable tool in helping people to address the number one challenge to good health and that is the cardiovascular system.  Our goal is to help as many people as possible.  First and foremost with practical and effective education; secondarily with ProArgi-9 Plus while rewarding our Affiliate Partners in the process with a Win-Win-Win strategy!

Again, if you have other questions not contained in this section or if you need additional clarification, then please click here to email Dan which has “FAQ” in the subject line.

Synergistically yours,

Dan Hammer

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