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Proper Health and Exercise Programs Impact Your Aging Process!


Health and exercise are co-dependents in the aging process.  Without good health it seems hard to exercise.  Without exercise it is hard to maintain optimal health.  Most people understand that our bodies are designed to move and exercise.  Unfortunately, as we get older we allow other events to steal away our time commitment to exercise and we pay a heavy price.  To show you how closely health and exercise go together I’m going to provide you with two examples.

Example #1 – When researchers examined the exercise habits of more than 2,400 twins, they found that those twins that exercised regularly had significantly longer telomeres than their sedentary peers.  Telomeres are a region of your DNA that acts as a biological marker for aging.  It is important to note that those who exercised approximately 30 minutes a day had telomeres that looked 10 years younger than those who exercised a minimum of just 16 minutes a week or less.

When you reach your 40s, your metabolism begins to slow down by roughly 5% each decade.  Usually by age 50, you’ll have gained 10 pounds or more of fat and lost about 5 pounds of muscle.  This lowers your metabolism which makes it even harder to lose weight and easier to gain fat.  Plus, the loss in muscle begins to compromise your activity level and usually results in joint pain and joint instability; which brings me to my second example of how health and exercise go together.

runnerExample #2 – I usually use Jon’s story to highlight the power of “The 1% Solution!” but it applies equally to this topic on health and exercise.  As Jon aged his metabolism decreased, he lost muscle mass, his activity level was nonexistent, and he had gained fat weight.  The result was by age 55 Jon weighed 255 pounds, had knees that hurt, a back that ached, had high blood pressure and had developed diabetes.  Jon was facing a choice.  He could live a life dependent on prescription medication and resign himself to old age and inactivity.  Or, he could begin the process of taking charge of his life by making healthy choices in what he ate and the activities that he engaged in.

Thankfully, Jon chose to make healthy choices!

It was slow at first but Jon stuck with it.  He started eating better and exercising appropriately.  Over time Jon achieved the following results:

As you can see Jon’s health and exercise are intimately tied together.  Of his five major health challenges Jon was successful in eliminating 4 of the five while making a huge improvement in the quality of his life.  If you’re feeling like Jon did at age 55 but want to feel like Jon does at age 60, then its time to take control of your health and exercise program. 

The question most people have is
“Where do I begin?”

Begin by making a commitment!  You will not change your health and exercise habits without making a commitment to the process.  Part of that commitment is time.  You will need to devote time to the process.  You did not get into your current out-of-shape body overnight and you will not get back into shape overnight.  But I can promise you that if you properly design your health and exercise program, your ability to regain your shape will be a whole lot quicker and much more productive.

exerciseBegin by educating yourself!  People will spend more time planning their vacation than they will in planning their health and exercise program.  And it shows in their results.  They usually have a wonderful vacation experience and a disappointing and painful exercise experience.  Why not make them both wonderful.  A properly designed health and exercise program will allow you to minimize your time commitment and maximize your health improvements without the typical pain most people associate with exercise.

To help you in this area, I’ve posted the following exercise articles.  Additionally, this website is packed full of excellent articles that are designed to empower you with practical and effective information on how to slow down the aging process while improving your overall wellness. 

The number of different health and exercise programs can be overwhelming to a person.  Use these articles to give you a good educational foundation to help you narrow your program choices.

Begin by getting your doctor’s OK!  Always consult your physician before starting an exercise program.  Since your heart, lung, and cardiovascular system are going to be taxed the most, you want to make sure they are in good working order.

Begin by seeking a qualified fitness instructor!  Once you’ve identified your health and exercise goals and gotten your doctor’s approval, you can use the knowledge you’ve gained from the articles above to seek out a qualified fitness instructor.  This instructor can help you put it all together, and an investment in a qualified fitness instructor can make a huge difference in your health and exercise success.

Enjoy the above articles and make the commitment like Jon did, and still does, to improving his overall health.  It will pay you back with big health and exercise dividends.  Until next time, may we both age youthfully!

Synergistically yours,


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