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A Home Based Business Centered on ProArgi-9 Plus!

This home based business is designed for those in Alaska, Hawaii, and the countries of Australia, Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United Kingdom, as well as those in the continental United States who would prefer this method as an option to promote ProArgi-9 Plus.

This program centers on developing your own home based business in the area of health and wellness. This opportunity will use a business model called network marketing but with a twist.

Now, before you go any further I want to make the following critical statement:

I am not interested in recruiting you as a potential business associate unless this is right for you!

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m not interested in you unless this home based business opportunity is right for you. This means that you will make the decision on whether to proceed. To help you in this process I would suggest the following three key steps:

If, after each step, you say “Yes, I see the potential in this home based business” then proceed to the next step. If you say “No, this isn’t for me”, then there is no need to continue.

Let’s get started. Here are the three steps you need to take to decide if this home based business is right for you.

STEP 1 – Do You See a Need and a Market for ProArgi-9 Plus?

ProArgi-9 Plus

It all starts here. I represent a product called ProArgi-9 Plus from Synergy WorldWide because I believe it’s a revolutionary L-arginine product that offers great taste, far-reaching benefits, and powerful support for the cardiovascular system as well as high blood pressure and sexual health concerns. Please click on the picture for more information about ProArgi-9 Plus.

Synergy WorldWide offers a large range of products, some of which I promote in the Aging No More Wellness Store. I’ve singled out this one product because I believe ProArgi-9 Plus has the greatest potential to help people! Here is just a brief summary of the cardiovascular challenges facing adults today:

There is a tremendous need for an effective product that can help people address these health challenges. I decided to learn how to market ProArgi-9 Plus because I believe this product can be part of the solution!

If you believe that ProArgi-9 Plus has the potential to help address these health challenges, then please proceed to Step 2. If not, then this home based business opportunity is not for you and there is no need to proceed but I want to thank you for your time and interest.

Step 2 – Do You Want to Build a Successful Home Based Business?

The obvious answer to that question is “Yes!” The reality is that most people don’t especially if they use the standard marketing methods offered through network marketing and multi-level marketing companies.

I say this because I’ve tried their methods of 3-way calling, the 3-foot rule, and everyone is a prospect. It was a waste of time because it went against my business training and my personality.

My business training allowed me to build a large and successful health club operation. When I sold my interest it was the largest health club operation in the western suburbs of Chicago. Why? Because I designed programs that would meet the needs of my clients! When these clients got results, they then told their friends and if their friends were interested they came to see me.

You see, I dealt with interested people and I helped them achieve results!

The line above contains two of the fundamentals for business success:

When I decided to build a home based business around health and wellness, I decided to utilize the internet. It is a completely different animal than a brick-and-mortar building. I fumbled around and spent money on programs and people who I thought could help me. Unfortunately, I wasted a lot of valuable time and money until I came across Ann Sieg. Ann showed me an alternative way to build a successful home base business! Ann understood my dilemma because she had already lived it. Ann also has a program that speaks to my need in how to build a successful internet business. Her program showed me how to use network marketing as just one of the tools in creating multiple streams of income.

Ann Sieg offers two educational e-books that will help you decide if developing a home based business is right for you. The first e-book is FREE and is called:

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing!

Just click on the above title to acquire this free e-book. I highly recommend downloading its 35 pages and reading them. It will open your eyes to a lot of the lies people will tell you to get you to join their opportunity.

If you decide to pursue a home base business, then Ann’s second e-book will be one to the best investment of your life. This is true even if you decide not to build one around ProArgi-9 Plus. This 140 page e-book is called:

The Renegade Network Marketer!

It costs $67 and is worth every penny. Not only will this e-book provide you with a solid understanding of what you need to do to build a successful home based business, but it will also provide you with a resource center designed to help you succeed. It contains a goldmine of information, training and resources that will help you with every facet of your business. Here’s just a small sample:

Ann’s information not only met my need but she also offers great customer service. And, she continues to teach me how to effectively market myself on the internet. There are rare people who give you extreme value for your money and Ann Sieg is one of those rare individuals.

If you’re still interested in this home based business opportunity, then let’s proceed to the last and final question.

STEP 3 – Do You Have an Effective Website?

This question is really two questions in one. The first is “do you have a website?” The second is “is it effective?”

When I first chose to build a home based business around my passion for health and wellness I decided that I would need an internet website. I hadn’t yet met Ann Sieg but I did meet a fellow out of New York named Mike Litman. I was looking at several website providers. Mike Litman’s company promised me an effective website. They convinced me that if I spent $3,000 with them I would get a website that would generate traffic, sales, and return my investment in a short period of time.

I got a website but it generated little traffic and even smaller sales. When I asked why this website had not produced better results and at least returned my investment, the answer I got was that I needed to go to the next level which was another $3,000 investment. I remember thinking “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!” So I parted company with Mike Litman’s group. He did not effectively meet my need and his customer service was not very cost effective. Now to be fair to Mike, maybe I was an aberration to his success in helping others.

After I found Ann Sieg, she turned me on to a company out of Canada called Site Build It. It provided everything I had hoped for from Mike Litman and it was 1/10th the cost. It has been the single best investment I have made in helping me develop an effective website that actually gets more traffic every month and more sales. If you want information about Ken Evoy’s Site Build It, then click on the following link:

Site Build It!

You don’t need to use Site Build It to have an effective website but you can certainly profit from his ideas and tools. In one year’s time, with Ken’s materials and programs, I’ve seen the Aging No More website become ranked on Google with 6 keywords now in the top 30 and several in the top 10.

If you have an effective website, want a more effective website, or just want to build an effective website for your home based business, than please contact me. Maybe I can help you.

If you answered “Yes, I see the potential in this!” to all three steps, then please contact me directly so that we can determine if this home based business is right for you and what your next step should be.

If you’re not sure but have some additional questions, then please feel free to contact me. Part of customer service is taking the time to understand your potential client’s needs. It is also about giving them honest and clear information so that they can make the decision that is best for them. Simply click here to email Dan which has “Home Based Business” in the subject line. I look forward to hearing from you!

Synergistically yours,

Dan Hammer

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