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Welcome to the Links and Resources page of the Aging No More website. Our goal for this website is to provide you with practical and effective information and products that can make a positive difference in your overall health and wellness.

The resources that are in this section are included to compliment this goal. I personally review all resources to make sure that the content of the website and/or the product(s) being offered meet the standards we have tried to set for our website.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these links, then please contact me by email.

Until next time, may we both age youthfully!

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Finding effective health supplements can be a challenge but, when you do, it can truly slow down the aging process. For example my top pick, a concentrated super food supplement, actually boosts your body’s circulating stem cells by twenty-five to thirty percent for four to six hours after each dose. This supplement will boost your body's healing capacity no matter the health challenge you face. Please visit for more information.


Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of
This link will take you to the comprehensive and fascinating 517 page report by the World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research entitled: Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective. According to this report “5 to 10% of cancers result directly from inheriting genes associated with cancer.” This means that nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors account for the remaining 90 to 95% of cancers.


The Mediterranean lifestyle has been proven by scientific research to have definite heart and health benefits. Research also indicates that it can have a positive effect on reducing the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive problems.

The book, Your Heart Needs the Mediterranean Diet by Emilia Klapp, R.D., B.S. is an innovative book that offers a glimpse of how a Registered Dietitian can personalize a lifestyle intervention. It is written in a simple-to-follow dialogue that will answer your questions about why this diet is so special. Included in this clever book are handy tips and recipes.

In addition to this wonderful book, Emilia’s website also contains some great articles and resources that will help your heart and overall health.
This website contains additional articles by Sheryl Walters. I like Sheryl’s writing style and have included some of her articles on this website. Her philosophy is: “My deepest belief is that with a healthy body, a positive mind and an open heart, everyone can experience true happiness and fulfillment, which is the foundation for staying young.”

renegade network marketerThe Renegade Network Marketer
This groundbreaking ebook by Ann Sieg helped me clearly see the value in taking a different approach to marketing on the internet. Ann tells the real truth about building a viable and profitable network marketing experience in the internet world we live in today.



site build itIf you are looking to develop your own website and are looking for a company to help you go beyond just hosting it on the web, then I highly recommend Site Build It! by Ken Evoy. In five months with Ken’s program I’ve accomplished more than I have in the previous two years trying to do it on my own and with others. My website is now rank on Google and I have multiple keywords in the top 30 on Google, Yahoo, Ask with some of them in the top 10.

self is the most complete guide and directory for information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is an organized directory with articles and references to thousands of other websites on a wide range of topics. David Riklan, the founder and administrator for this website, has invested a lot of time and effort into making it the premier self-help community.

This website provides focused access to many product options in the form of a Web Mall.  One of the web stores lists Health/Weight and Diet products that you might find of interest.  While there, you might try their rotating Web Shopping Mall to view actual product web sites real time.


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