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Hi!  My name is Dan Hammer.

I want to introduce you to a product that is having a major impact on blood pressure and other cardiovascular health issues that plague the African American community. It is ProArgi-9 Plus from Synergy WorldWide!

Maybe you or a loved one has high blood pressure.  That doesn’t surprise me. The American Heart Association estimates that 28% of African American adults and more that two-thirds of African Americans over the age of 60 have high blood pressure. This means that 1 out of every 3 African Americans suffer from this dangerous cardiovascular disease.

ProArgi-9 Plus has product features and benefits that can address some of the major health concerns facing the African American community! The purpose of this article is to clearly identify what those health concerns are and how ProArgi-9 Plus can be a helpful pathway to better wellness.

“My Doctor Thought the Blood Pressure Machine was Broken!”

How effective is ProArgi-9 Plus for helping those facing this challenge?  Just read Cheryl’s testimony. It’s just one of many that I could give to you from people who have seen tremendous benefits from ProArgi-9 Plus.

Dr. Michelle Turncotte turned me onto this product.  She said it changed her husband’s blood pressure numbers in one month.

So I did some research, found Dan Hammer’s website and ordered the product since he had the best price on the internet. Six weeks later I went to my regular doctor to get my blood pressure updated.

With medication, my blood pressure had been running around 139/89.  Prior to this visit my regular doctor was planning to increase the medication if my numbers stayed the same.  When she took my first blood pressure reading it was 120/70!  She said she needed to take it again because that can’t be right.  The second reading was 120/70!  She thought something was wrong with the machine so she took it on my other arm.  It was 120/71!  She looked at me and said,

“What the heck are you doing to get it that low?”

I told her I was taking a new product called ProArgi-9 Plus.  She had never heard of it, and until Dr. Michelle Turncotte turned me onto this product, neither had I.  I now use this product on a regular basis and absolutely love what it continues to do for me.

– Cheryl Hancock

There’s a reason why this product is so effective in helping people with high blood pressure and other cardiovascular challenges, especially those in the African American community.  However, before I give you the reasons why let me first share with you the benefits of ProArgi-9 Plus; especially its ability to effectively deliver a pharmaceutical grade level of L-arginine so that your body can properly produce nitric oxide which is your cardiovascular system’s master signaling molecule.

Research suggests the following benefits for L-arginine:

That’s quite a list of benefits for L-arginine and here are just some of the benefits of nitric oxide:

Simply stated, ProArgi-9 Plus is a revolutionary L-arginine product that offers great taste, far-reaching health benefits, and powerful support for the cardiovascular system. 

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ProArgi-9 Plus

ProArgi-9 Plus
from Synergy WorldWide

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For those who are like me and want to know why this product is so effective, especially for those in the African American community, then this next section is for you.  We need to talk about one critical molecule which is nitric oxide and one essential amino acid which is L-arginine. 

Nitric Oxide and L-Arginine!
Very simply, you could not live without nitric oxide!  Nitric oxide is critical to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.  It is the master signaling molecule that regulates the muscle tone of your blood vessels to have a major impact on controlling blood pressure.    

For your body to properly produce nitric oxide it needs a good supply of the essential amino acid L-arginine.  The scientific community validated the remarkable properties of L-arginine by awarding three American scientists with the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine.  Today, many scientists refer to L-arginine as the “Miracle Molecule” and Columbia University refers to L-arginine as the “MAGIC BULLET” for the cardiovascular system.  The following three examples will show you how important it is to African American health:

doctorExample #1 – High Blood Pressure!
The number one risk factor for stroke is high blood pressure, and 1 out of every 3 African Americans suffers from high blood pressure.  As the capillaries lose their ability to relax, it makes it harder for blood to flow.  This increased resistance causes the heart to beat harder.  This raises both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.  By providing an improved level of nitric oxide to the capillary system, you provide the signaling molecule necessary to help restore blood vessel tone and flexibility.  This has a positive effect on helping to lower blood pressure.

Example #2 – Sickle Cell Disease!
bloodIt is estimated that one in 12 African Americans has sickle cell trait and one out of every 400 births have sickle cell anemia.  Researchers at Duke University and Howard Hughes Medical Institute recently discovered one of the keys to the cause of pain in sickle cell disease.  Normal red blood cells release a signaling molecule called nitric oxide that tells the arterial walls to expand.  When sickle cells change from oval to sickle, the ability to release this signaling molecule is lost.  The Duke University researchers noted that the degree of nitric oxide deficiency directly correlated with symptom severity for those with sickle cell anemia.  When nitric oxide was administered their symptoms were relieved.

Example #3 – Erectile Dysfunction!
Erectile dysfunction affects 50% of the male population over age 40 and is even greater in the African American community.  We’ve already looked at the natural relationship between L-arginine and nitric oxide.  Most nitric oxide researchers believe that nitric oxide “can correct up to 90% of all erectile dysfunction.”  Additionally, L-arginine can enhance testosterone availability, increase blood flow to the genital area in men and women, increase sperm count and motility, increase sexual desire, and heighten sensitivity in both males and females.  Properly taken L-arginine is a natural alternative for Viagra!

Three Additional Factors Confront African Americans!

To compound these three health issues, the African American community also has three additional challenges.  They are:

Nitric Oxide Supplements!
Because of the huge potential to aid people, especially in producing nitric oxide, L-arginine supplements have populated the shelves of many health food stores, pharmacies, and websites.  However, before you go out and buy an L-arginine supplement you need to know its dark side.  In its pure form L-arginine tastes terrible and can have some serious side effects like:

It is also why L-arginine is referred to as “the double-edged sword.”

To be effective, an L-arginine supplement must utilize a low-glycemic pathway.  Research has shown that high-glycemic ingredients will interfere with L-arginine absorption.  There are also other ingredients that will directly block L-arginine’s health benefits.  These include lysine, ornithine, proteins, amino acids, high glycemic sugars, synthetic sweeteners and flavor systems.

The amount of L-arginine consumed is also important.  A daily does of 5 grams of elemental, pharmaceutical-grade L-arginine will provide cardiovascular benefits and good nitric oxide production.  If you are going to use an L-arginine supplement, then ask the following questions:

For those searching for a proven and effective L-arginine product that will benefit the cardiovascular system and improve nitric oxide production, then I highly recommend ProArgi-9 Plus from Synergy WorldWide.

ProArgi-9 PlusProArgi-9 Plus
ProArgi-9 Plus was formulated in collaboration with leading L-arginine researchers such as Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast who have conducted pioneering research in the proper application of L-arginine for cardiovascular support.

ProArgi-9 Plus combines the latest technology and superior ingredients to work together to protect you and enhance your overall health.  ProArgi-9 Plus includes the following:

Dr. Joe Prendergast

National Health Expert
Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast

Dr. John Joseph Prendergast (or Dr. Joe as he prefers to call himself) has been a practicing physician for over 30 years.  He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine as well as Endocrinology and Metabolism.    

Dr. Joe has published nearly 40 medical articles in well-known publications such as the Journal of the American Medical Association, The New England Journal of Medicine and Diabetes Care

In particular, Dr. Joe is an expert in integrative L-arginine and passionately believes in its ability to enhance health.  Since 1991, Dr. Joe has been personally using L-arginine and recommending it in his medical practice.  “Arginine benefits the body in a myriad of ways,” says Dr. Joe.  “We have now learned more about how arginine uses the two natural pathways into the brain to promote anti-aging properties, sports performance, and boost the immune system.  Because arginine promotes healthy blood flow, it can also benefit human sexuality.  We can’t ignore the power of arginine any longer!”

L-arginine – As I’ve already stated, L-arginine is an essential amino acid that plays a role in a number of biological functions in the body, but is best known for its cardiovascular benefits.  In the body, L-arginine is converted to nitric oxide, which relaxes the blood vessels and regulates blood vessel tone and flexibility.  This reduces stress on the heart, improves circulation, and lowers blood pressure.

Citrulline – The amino acid citrulline is metabolized to yield more L-arginine, which in turn provides additional nitric oxide.  This is especially important for the African American community as it is a pathway to bypass the arginase enzyme that destroys L-arginine.  Additionally, citrulline helps to optimize blood flow throughout the body and promote healthy energy levels.

Folic Acid, Vitamins B3 and B12 – These ingredients work together to naturally decrease homocysteine levels.  Folic acid is also important for the production of red blood cells which are critically important for those suffering with sickle cell anemia.

Red Wine Extract – This ingredient is high in antioxidants, anthocyanins, and polyphenols, which help protect the heart and reduce LDL oxidation.

Pomegranate – Pomegranate contains superior antioxidants, known as punicalagins and ellagic acid.  Pomegranate inhibits LDL oxidation, supports arterial wall strength, and enhances the activity of eNOS, the enzyme responsible for converting L-arginine to nitric oxide.

Vitamin K2 – This vitamin keeps calcium in the bones and out of the arteries.

Vitamin D3 – This vitamin has long been known to aid in calcium absorption.  New research shows that D3 also plays a role in healthy cardiovascular function and supports healthy inflammatory response.

Ribose – Ribose is a naturally occurring sugar that has been extensively studied for its ability to enhance the recovery of energy compounds in heart cells.

Xylitol – This ingredient is a low glycemic sweetener that occurs naturally in the body.  Unlike other sweeteners, xylitol has been shown to promote saliva production providing protection against tooth decay.

That’s quiet a list of ingredients all designed to help your cardiovascular system.  And, ProArgi-9 Plus has been formulated into a great tasting citrus berry flavor.


coupleHow Can You Get ProArgi-9 Plus?

Just click on the “Order Now” button below and it will take you to the shopping cart where you can order ProArgi-9 Plus.

I’ve made special arrangements which will allow you to order this product at the wholesale cost.  This is a 25% savings off of the retail price!


ProArgi-9 Plus

ProArgi-9 Plus
from Synergy WorldWide

Retail Value: $89.70
Preferred Customer Price: $69.00*

ProArgi-9 Plus is a revolutionary product that offers great taste, far-reaching health benefits, and powerful support for the cardiovascular system.  I firmly believe that ProArgi-9 Plus will give your body the support it needs for healthy cardiovascular function and long life.

Here’s to your cardiovascular health!

Synergistically yours,

Dan Hammer

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