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Stroke Articles Designed For Stroke Prevention!


One of the age related diseases people face is a stroke. These stroke articles are designed to address this important concern and health issue.

It is estimated that 750,000 Americans will experience a stroke this year. Of this number, 160,000 will die. The rest will forever have their lives changed in significant and profound ways. The risk for stroke is even greater in the African American community.

African Americans are twice as likely to die from a stroke as Caucasians. The rate of having their first stroke is almost doubled. One half of all African American women will die from either a stroke or heart disease. For those with sickle cell anemia, 11% will have experienced a stroke by the age of 20.

Pretty depressing until you read the next line:

“... 80% of strokes are preventable!”

That’s not me saying this but the National Stroke Association. This means that 600,000 Americans could prevent their strokes from occurring this year.

You have the power to make a significant difference in how strokes affect you, as well as the people around you. You can both prevent a stroke and lessen the damage from a stroke if you know what to do.

Knowledge is the Precursor to Prevention!
Prevention is taking the steps before hand to prevent something from occurring. If you want to reduce your risk for a stroke, then you need to educate yourself. Then take the necessary steps to apply that information. Most people want the federal government, the managed health care industry, and the pharmaceutical companies to come up with the solution.

Please understand that prevention starts with you and ends with you! As Dr. C. Everett Koop, former Surgeon General of the United States, said, “The best prescription is knowledge.”

Stroke Articles
I want to help give you that knowledge. These stroke articles are designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to help prevent a stroke. These stroke articles will help you quickly recognize the signs and symptoms of a stroke. This will help you take immediate action to lessen the effects of the stroke. Here are the following stroke articles with a brief description:

Your Choices Have Significant Consequences
These stroke articles are designed to assist you in reducing the number one cause of adult disability in America. Not only can you choose to lower your risk for a stroke but you can also empower others to lower their risk.

The positive steps you take to properly nourish your cells will assist you in lowering your risk for stroke while helping you to slow down the aging process.

Enjoy the articles and may we both age youthfully!

Synergistically yours,

P.S.   I recommend reading all of the articles listed above to help you slow down the aging process and to improve your overall wellness.


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