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What is Sexual Health and How Does it Apply to Aging?


The question What is Sexual Health? can have a lot of different answers depending upon your goals and perspective. Whether you believe in the Biblical view of creation or the Darwinian view of evolution, sex is an intimate and integral part of procreation. Sex is part of our design. Many health experts would categorize sex into three overlapping components:

For the purpose of this website I will look at the question

What is Sexual Health?

in relationship to the biological component. That’s not to say the other two components aren’t important in answering the question what is sexual health? They are very important. But my expertise dictates that I concentrate of the biological components to sexual health.

Poor Sexual Health!
Maybe you don’t suffer from poor sexual health. That’s great! Unfortunately, as we age poor sexual health becomes an ever increasing factor. Usually it’s due to physical and biological issues. For example, over the last 30 years:

WHY? Have we changed genetically? Even if you believe Darwin’s Theory of Evolution there hasn’t been any change in the genetic makeup of men and women over these last 30 years. And, if there were, it would be towards improving the species chances for survival not lessening them.

Something is going on that effects sexual health. Since sexual health is such an integral part of our overall makeup it also impacts aging. Recent research on poor sexual health has uncovered biological clues that can be applied to slowing down the aging process. To answer the question,

What is Sexual Health and
How Does It Apply to Aging?

I’ve prepared the following series of articles:

So What is Sexual Health?
Sexual health is having the ability to truly enjoy an intimate and integral part of human relationship. We can have the spiritual and mental components in place, but without the biological component working properly our ability for sexual health will be compromised. Not only will we compromise our sexual health but we’ll also compromise the aging process.

Until next time, may we both age youthfully!

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